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The Strange World of the Mind

New Ideas in Psychology and Idealism

The new ideas on this website explore emotions :
what they are and how to identify them.

I describe their role in the formation of personal identity, confusion, bonding, alienation, and other states of mind.

The mind functions in strange ways

A person's ideals and subconscious beliefs that lead him into
character development, ethics, and idealism,
also lead him into
the experience of mental confusion.

The articles are divided into two groups.

First  Group
In these basic articles I present my ideas on emotion and on the process of abreaction.

I use a traditional model of consciousness, which I bring up to date in order to enable me to define what an emotion is. Then I show how to identify emotions once a sufficient level of awareness is developed. Once this identification is accomplished, the process of abreaction can then be detected and analysed. The pivotal role of anxiety within the subconscious mind can then be understood.

Second  Group
These additional articles depends on the ideas put forward in the first section.

I apply the ideas on emotion and abreaction to an exploration of the emotional dynamics that underlie many fields of individual and social activities. This exploration makes use of dynamic psychology (the understanding of how the subconscious mind works), and opens new avenues for understanding old problems. Most articles in this section range between sexuality, bonding, attitudes, beliefs, identity, relationships and partnerships, idealism, and different forms of distress.

In addition, these ideas have major relevance to all forms of psycho-therapy, whether cognitive, Freudian psychoanalysis, Rogerian counselling, etc.

Background to the articles on emotion and abreaction.
There are 3 articles on Emotion and 5 articles on Abreaction.

E 1.  The basic model + unconscious ideas
E 2.  Characteristics of emotions
E 3.  Identifying emotions

A 1.  Role of anxiety + definition of psycho-analysis
A 2.  Laws of the unconscious mind
A 3.  Catharsis and suggestion
A 4.  Resentment and bitterness
A 5.  Forgiveness and acceptance

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The three articles on emotion and the five articles on abreaction are all long articles. On my website  World of  Emotion, they are split up into much smaller page sizes in order to make them easier to read and digest. See Links page for the address.

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